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Leaked Tips from Pizza Hut Workers: Beware of These Unpopular Menu Items

Craving pizza? You might want to rethink that order at Pizza Hut. Some employees have pointed out a few reasons to avoid specific items. For instance, topping choices like ham and pineapple might not be the freshest, while pasta and Alfredo sauce are less than appetizing. Grilled items are a major red flag since the “grill flavor” is often added via spray, not actual grilling.

Stuffed crust and the original pan pizza also seem to raise some eyebrows. Despite their popularity, some staff suggest these items might not be the best picks. Bacon and breadsticks join the list of products they recommend steering clear from. Green peppers are another no-no, largely due to potential pests hiding within.

Chicken wings and pepperoni might sour your appetite further. The freshness and handling practices don’t inspire high confidence. While pizza remains a delicious treat for many, these insights from Pizza Hut employees could make you reconsider your go-to order next time.

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I've been making pizza since I was a child when I would watch my mother and grandfather make pizzas in our family restaurant. I would help them by making pizza boxes, stretching the dough and adding toppings, which became one of my favorite activities.

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